Eberl does not only produce first-class machines - we also offer first-class after sales service.

Our CEOs as well as our project engineers (technicians, engineers) will be available to you as personal contact persons.

Remote access

If you grant us access to your machine we can online access the data of your machine.

Via desktop sharing we can see what what you see. This enables us to support you in operating the machine. This might be an advantage particularly during the starting phase when you are not yet familiar with the machine. You will also be able to access the machine via Smartphone or PC.

Many customers of third-party products also use our excellent service. In this case, we will also be happy to offer our support. Please do not hesitate to contact us. There are service teams in all countries supplied by us ready to arrive quickly on site for after-sales operations.

You have questions concerning:

  • Drying schedules
  • Special wood types, special products
  • Updates
  • Product advice
  • Possible error messages
  • Original spare parts
  • ISPM certification

please do not hesitate to contact us - either by phone or mail.

We are available at any time by phone +49 (0) 8745 96446 0 or mail



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