The Steam Dryer

Fast pressure steaming and
drying at the same time

Special features and advantages of the procedure:

  • A saturated steam atmosphere can only be created in a tank. This
    ensures exact temperature distribution and colouring.
  • The high steam temperature in overpressure shortens the colouring
    process extremely. This saves a lot of time and energy.
  • The superheating and dehumidification of the steam atmosphere
    enables controlled drying during the steaming process and thus
    saves one work step.
  • Optimal thermal insulation saves a lot of energy at these high

Steam Drying Process

In the conventional steaming process, coniferous woods
require very long steaming times for obtaining the shade
of antique wood, three weeks as a rule. In addition to that,
specific and expensive heating systems are necessary for
steam production. After the steaming process, the wood
needs to be restacked and dried in a complex process.
The EBERL steam dryer was specifically developed for fast
and economic steaming and at the same time drying coniferous
wood. But also many types of hard wood obtain
really interesting colour shades.

Steam Dryer

Technical specifications Typ 20/65 20/125 25/150 27/150 29/150 34/150 34/225
Kiln diameter m 2 2 2,5 2,7 2,9 3,4 3,4
Stack room length m 6,6 12,6 15,1 15,1 15,1 15,1 22,6
Stack room width m 1,2 1,2 1,25 1,4 1,25 1,5 1,5
Stack room height m 1,58 1,58 2,18 2,28 2,58 3,03 3,03
Stack room gross capacity 12,5 23,9 41,1 48,2 48,7 68,6 102,7
Length of the kiln m 10 16 18,5 18,5 18,5 18,5 26
Width of the kiln m 2,5 2,5 3 3,2 3,4 3,9 3,9
Height of the kiln m 2,6 2,6 3,1 3,3 3,5 4 4
Electrical power supply kW 24 45 81 88 96 117 168
Average consumption kW 6 11 18 22 22 32 45
The machines are available in variable length (0.5 m increments)


Simple, intuitive, quick

On our user-friendly touch panel, simply enter the wood type, wood thickness and the desired final moisture content.
After that, all you have to do is press the start button, and the kiln will take care of the rest by itself.
In order to facilitate your daily work with our kilns, we offer a visualisation program. With this you can comfortably monitor and control your kiln from your office computer. The simple interface allows you to enter all relevant data and settings as well as saving and printing logs or diagrams of the drying process. It is even possible to remotely control your kiln using your smartphone.

Steam Dryer brochure

You can find Detailed information in   Steam Dryer Brochure as PDF-Download.

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