Special equipment

Heat treatment ISPM No. 15

This IPPC-standard is a legal requirement for the export of wood packaging abroad, for example to the USA, Canada, Mexico or China.
First the core temperature sensors are inserted into the thickest timber section. Then you can start the corresponding program
using the touch panel or visualisation program. The batch is heated until the core temperature of the wood is at 56ø C for at least 30 minutes.
After a short cooling period the packaging timber is the retracted from the kiln. For the required drying logs a printer is necessary.


The wireless wood-moisture measuring device saves the on the time-consuming laying of cables, which would otherwise be required.
After connecting the transmitters to the electrodes, the data is automatically transferred to the control unit.

Control room

The room is completely insulated and equipped with a lockable door and lighting as well as a frost monitor and controlled ventilation. Additionally, the vacuum pump, condensate tank and control unit are all encased in frost proofed housing.

Visualisation as displayed on a PC

In order to facilitate your daily work with our kilns, we offer a visualisation program. With this you can comfortably monitor and control your kiln from your office computer. The simple interface allows you to  enter all relevant data and settings as well as saving and printing logs or diagrams of the drying process. It is even possible to remotely control your kiln using your smartphone.

Heat recovery

By a cross-flow heat exchanger the air coming from outside is heated from the air coming from inside the kiln. This system saves up to 25% energy.

Additional hot water heater or electrical heater

The kilns can be equipped with hot water heater and electrical heater. In this case the kiln can be heated flexible with hot water heater or electrical heater, also both systems together are possible for e.g. very fast heat treatments.


Weights stacked on top of the stack to avoid twisting of the stacked boards. It's recommended for twist sensitive wood types like beech or maple.

Automatic loading system

Thanks to the automatic loading system the batch can be driven in and out by remot control. It saves valueable time at loading of the kiln.

Car made of stainless steel

Especially for drying oak it's recommeneded to use a car made of stainless steel to avoid damages through (tannic) acid.

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