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As pioneer and inventor of energy-efficient vacuum-wood-drying EBERL has developed into the leading supplier of vacuum wood drying kilns. Today, we offer a complete range of wood drying kilns and other dryers for different materials. We also offer special machines and vacuum post curing ovens in cooperation with international groups for use in medical technology, biotechnology and in the chemical industry.

Solid quality through outstanding engineering services and innovativeness represent the basis for economic success and market leadership. EBERL has pursued resource saving ways of wood drying very successfully by using completely new and energy-efficient technologies. We are able to design and manufacture machines individually tailored to customers' demands.

EBERL knows how to exploit the advantages of physical circumstances. This results in eDry, our reliable, effective and resource-saving drying technique which is without any alternative.

The standards we set convince the customers and become the benchmark for the whole industry. Of course we also offer competent and qualified customer support.



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