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The new large Eberl Trocknungsanlagen production hall in Bodenkirchen/Lower Bavaria is fully occupied. Here, production has been in full swing for the past two years. Order books filled until September this year make sure that the experienced team consisting of 30 men are quite busy. This is not only due to the wide product range around drying wood, silicone post cure ovens and special-purpose machines but also due to the fact that we have in the meantime started worldwide sales activity. Therefore, over the last few months, we were not only able to deliver vacuum wood drying kilns to Florida and Cameroon but also a drying container kiln with heat pump to Tahiti. Follow-up orders by satisfied customers also contribute to a substantial part of our sales figures. More than 400 sawmills, timber traders and other wood-working businesses own not only one Eberl vacuum drying kiln but three, four or even five plants. Only recently, the Salzkotten-based company Alpmann, who has been our customer since 2002, ordered their 6th plant.

Even in the field of firewood, investments into drying have increased. Eberl can offer the right drying kiln suitable for every customer's requirements: from firewood to high-class wood for furniture. The plant manufacturer's main product is still the patented energy-saving drying kiln system V-Premium. This is a highly effective vacuum wood drying kiln requiring neither heating nor water connection. Heat is produced by a heat pump regaining the required heat during the dehumidification process. If however, the user of the plant has a suitable heating system, a heat pump inside the drying kiln will not be necessary. In this case, an energy-saving cooling circuit provides for dehumidification and the external heat source heats the drying kiln. The V-Comfort drying system is also extremely energy-efficient - just as the energy-saving drying kiln. These drying systems dry sawn timber very fast in excellent quality while consuming little energy. Reversible ventilation by means of radial fans via pressure and suction channel provides for even distribution of heat and cross circulation. Therefore, an even airflow can be guaranteed even if the stack room is not entirely filled. We offer tailor-made vacuum drying kilns in all sizes and in all equipment versions with stack room capacities ranging from 10 to in the meantime 100 m³. The plants are suitable for outdoor installation.

Our product range also includes the small vacuum drying system V-Basic which is mainly used by carpentries for drying massive timber to quickly achieve the moisture content required for processing. These plants which are also made of stainless steel are available with a stack room capacity ranging from 1.5 to 21 m³. Our product range is rounded off by the cost-effective conventional drying container kilns which are designed for efficiency and effectiveness as well.

The Air Classic is mainly used for drying sawn timber and for heat-treatment of packaging timber. A special version of this type is also suitable for drying firewood. In this case, the main focus is on ease of use and low cost.

Since recently, the drying container kilns have been equipped with the heat pump system. The control unit does not only provide for the precise and effective interaction of the technical components but also for simple and user-friendly operation. Therefore, all versions of our drying kilns are controlled by means of a Siemens PLC control via touch panel and the corresponding programmes. Of course, they can be conveniently controlled from the office as well. Even remote maintenance and monitoring the drying process via smartphone is a standard feature nowadays. The tumble drying kiln with continuous drying system for drying wood chips and sawdust is relatively new to our range. This system also operates effectively and efficiently. It is also suitable for heat recovery.



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