Eberl Trocknungsanlagen is highly satisfied with their presence at the trade fair in Nuremberg

The trade fair "Holz-Handwerk" (wood craft) represents an extremely important exhibition for the Lower Bavaria-based manufacturer of drying kilns. We were able to establish many interesting business contacts not only in the carpentry sector but also among sawyers and in the woodworking industry. Eberl Trocknungsanlagen was particularly pleased about the entirely positive feedback from satisfied customers. The primary focus of interest was on the small vacuum drying kiln "V-Basic" whose technology could be excellently demonstrated by means of a kiln put on display. Lots of carpentries find themselves faced with the problem that their wood is not dry enough for processing. The "V-Basic" is predestined for drying small amounts of wood fast and in top quality. Many consultations were led concerning the larger vacuum drying kiln "V-Comfort" and the energy-saving drying kiln with hot water pump technology "V-Premium" requiring neither heat nor water connection. We were also often asked for information on all versions of the "Air Classic" drying kiln which can be used for heat treatment and drying sawn timber as well as firewood. The team at the trade fair Nuremberg agreed that it is simple to offer good advice to customers if you have the right solution for almost every task.


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