Welcome to EBERL Trocknungsanlagen

The specialist for energy saving drying kilns

In 1998 EBERL Trocknungsanlagen started production of the patented V-Premium energy-saving dryer with heat pump and after that we became the market leader in all German speaking countries. The vacuum drying kilns can also be delivered with conventional system V-Comfort without heat pump.

Beside the V-Premium energy-saving dryer there are also the V-Basic. This vacuum drier are designed for smaller quantities of wood and allow small woodworking companies to dry their wood fast and cheap.

Thanks to customer wishes the Air Classic container dryer and heat treatment kilns were designed. With this kilns can be done dryings or heat treatments under athmosperic pressure. Heat treatments after the IPPC standard ISPM nr. 15 or Sirex standard are possible for e.g. palletes or packing wood.

We would like to present you further information. Please contact us, e.g. if you have questions about suitability for your product, technical details, drying quality or energy consumption. You can reach us by telephone, mail or em@il. We would be happy to contact you personally.